We invite you to enjoy the atmosphere of LA VILLA RUSSE, which is situated in Bearn, just on the borderline to the French Basque country. Its proximity to Spain, wine areas, surfing spots of Biarritz and Guéthary, fine restaurants combined with a Basque hospitality make this part of France to something really special and is worth to explore. Surfers, cheese lovers, hikers, hobby cooks, fishing lovers and photographers are highly welcome.
Open the windows of LA VILLA RUSSE, take a glance at Pyrénées and imagine you were this Bearnaise tradesman that constructed the house at the beginning of the last century:

…it is an early morning and arrangements need to be done until the guests will be arriving via rondell, aperitif could be served in the garden or in the salon where they could play carambolage and discuss the latest developments in the region, and the dinner outside under the pergola, was quite hot the last days, but with the breeze from the mountains….

The life in the region in these times was influenced by the ‚fête impérial‘ with Biarritz being the locomotive for all type of the social gatherings, private events and parties. We assume that the decision of the tradesman to build the villa has been affected by the mood of the aristocrats at these times. Biarritz is probably the most famous place that made this area quite popular at the beginning of the 20th century. The international elite has chosen Côte basque as a place to forget the drama of the First World War. Also the Russian aristocrats found their way to the area, bringing the dancers of the Russian imperial theatre and also performing Petrouchka for the first time in 1925 in Hotel du Palais.

The name of the villa is bridging the link to these times, but also connects to the cultural background of the owner. But LA VILLA RUSSE is not a plea for a Russian heritage or its footprint left in the region, it just intends to bring you a vagabundo spirit embracing the Russian routes.